Inclusive Alliance - Expertise in Partnership

Our Vision

Vision Statement

We aim to inspire and empower high quality learning opportunities where no learner will be limited. Children, young people, their families and professionals will remain at the heart of our provision. 

The Alliance 

All partners within the Inclusive Alliance are committed to seeking, nurturing and developing the best possible opportunities and life chances for all young people in mainstream and specialist school settings. Our wide-ranging and powerful partnerships and our long established expertise in SEND have informed our vision.

Our Key Principles are based on:

* A culture of openness, honesty and trust

* A shared moral purpose which extend the boundaries of learning

* A commitment by all partners to improve outcomes for leaners through high quality teaching and learning

* A progressive continuum of professional development  

* School based CPD and leadership development that impacts upon school practice at every level and progress of learners

* A self-improving school system

* A rigorous focus on quality assurance


Our Priorities:

* Develop a greater role in training new entrants to the profession

* Lead peer-to-peer professional and leadership development

* Identify and develop leadership potential

* Provide support for other schools to meet local and regional needs

* Designate and broker Specialist Leaders in Education

* Engage in Research and Development

* Work with aspiring Teaching Schools to impact across the system