Inclusive Alliance - Expertise in Partnership

Guidance for SLE Deployment

Step One:

A request for an SLE is made to the Inclusive Alliance

Step Two:

The Inclusive Alliance to decide on the most appropriate SLE. Inclusive Alliance confirms the relevant SLE's availability and emails a list of suggested dates to the agreed contact.

Step Three:

Once a date has been agreed, the agreed contact completes the 'Pre-Visit Information' and emails it to the Inclusive Alliance. The document will be shared with the relevant SLE.

Step Four:

During the feedback meeting at the end of the first visit, agreement should be reached on the expected outcomes and success criteria. The 'Deployment Agreement' will be completed by the SLE. The 'Deployment Agreement', along with any additional records of visits should be checked by both parties.

The school receiving support is responsible for the SLE's travel costs.

Step Five:

Once the SLE has completed their agreed period of support, the agreed contact and the SLE should complete evaluation forms and email them to the Inclusive Alliance